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Angels on Earth was started in 2016 in honor of Marian Osnaya by her daughter Jessica Osnaya. 


Our Story: 

Marian suffered a massive stroke in November 2015 that left her permanently disabled. On February 25th of 2019 Marian suffered pulmonary cardiac arrest due to influenza and pneumonia. She was in a medically induced coma for 9 days. Since then she has begun her road to recovery. Marian is a true miracle and our goal is to uplift others through our story and bring awareness to the importance of wellness, self love, and self care. We would like to advocate for other communities of people who have been through similar experiences. Marian and Jessica's outlet has been their crystal shop, meditation, and connecting with others who have experienced life changing events similar to theirs.


Proceeds of all angel items in their crystal store go toward supporting others who have been affected by stroke or chronic illnesses as well as first responders and medical professionals.


Our Mission: 

 To create a space for the community where all feel safe, appreciated, and loved. A self-care center where people can learn to love themselves and work on healing their mind, body, and soul.      

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